Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Summer means Vacations

I hadn't thought I would be taking a summer vacation this year.  I generally don't as the hotel business tends to be quite busy in the summer.  Besides, having no kids of my own to juggle schedules with I can generally take a vacation whenever works best for you.  It goes without saying this is changing for me and a summer vacation ended up happening this past June.  I am a bit late in writing about it, the price I usually pay for time off is a bunch of work waiting for me when I return and this trip was no different in that aspect.  I also found I did not take many pictures on this vacation so I apologize for the limited visuals. 

The vacation plan was for me to fly to Oregon where Bethany and I (kids as well of course) would begin the thrilling task of driving to Denver (yes, Bethany wanted me to meet her parents *gulp*).  We broke the long road trip up into several days, stopping in Idaho, Utah, and then Denver along the way before returning to Utah (where I flew back to Chicago as the flights were much more affordable out of SLC).  Long story short we survived all the travels, enjoyed our time with each other's family (I not only met her parents but also two of her brothers) and got to know each other a little better.  This long distance dating thing is not easy on either of us.  Here are a few pictures from the trip, they are mostly taken from Bethany's parents home in the Denver area.  The horses belong to Bethany's mom and the kids really enjoyed them (especially Bethany's daughter who seemed quite at home in the saddle). 

Here are some of the pictures and I apologize for the disjointed / weak degree of my writing this evening.  I feel like I am forcing this post but really didn't want to let it wait any longer without getting something about the vacation posted.  Especially since, even though it began roughly (head cold to start, sleep challenges, and lots of driving) it was still a very good vacation spent in the company of some very special people. 

What are hotel beds made for?

You guessed it.... Jumping on!

And more jumping!


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  1. More details:

    We stayed in Mountain Home on Saturday night, so we went to church there and Daniel provided the Special Musical Number during sacrament! That night we had the most delicious dinner with the entire Loveridge family and Ev loved them all so much that when we left she cried and said, "I miss them all my new friends so much! I want to be with them all the time!"

    Daniel let me beat him at bowling (one game at least) on our date night in Denver. Thanks to my parents for babysitting (aka taking the kids to Costco).

    On the way back to Utah, we got caught in the worst traffic again, although this time it had an actual cause: road construction. It put us hours behind and caused Ev to throw up at a McDonald's and in the car. Daniel cleaned up the vomit in the car and prompted my mom to call him a "keeper."

    We also got to see Loren and Kari for dinner that night, although I spent most of the time running the kids up and down the block outside since they were in no mood to sit after their ten-hour car ride.

    Mike and Makinzee saved us on this trip by letting us borrow a couple of portable DVD players. Thank you!!!!

    And thanks for the road trip Daniel. Ready for Date #5?